The Walls of Fame are timelines showing photographs of local musicians from the 1950s dance bands, rock, pop, folk, psychedelic and progressive bands of the 1960s, punk bands of the 1970s through to the year 2000.

Walls of Fame

A 9’ roundel on the floor of the 1960s Gallery, a Lambretta TV 175, large display panels with text, photographs, posters, venues and music from our online AaA Music Radio station take visitors back to that great era.

The exhibition gallery is a multi-media space displaying large local & touring exhibitions. By sub-dividing the gallery it can be reconfigured to form three smaller galleries to display individual exhibitions.

The Guildhall Gallery is covered with posters, tickets and photos of many top names from the past and present including the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the Who.  

1960s Gallery Past exhibitions Guildhall Gallery Wall of fame

The Recording Studio can record to 16 track digital media and 8 track analogue reel to reel tape. The resource will include basic level music instruction and recording and editing workshops for all ages.

Recording studio News & events

Cinema 16, a bijou cinema so named because there are eight seats either side of the gangway.  

Cinema 16 Current exhibitions The Portsmouth Cultural Trust
Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 2AB
Registered Charity No.1153358
1960s gallery

Memories and local music related stories from around the area.

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PME Radio

Portsmouth Music Experience Radio will begin broadcasting online soon.

Guildhall concerts Visitors book

The visitors book has many interesting entries; the word most written is ‘memories’. Here John Mayall is looking through  the comments in the visitors book.

Floor plan


Recording studio PME Radio Floor plan Visitor comments Cinema 16 Guildhall Gallery

Floor plan showing locations of the displays.

News & events

The Sound of Portsmouth is a one-off programme exploring the history of Portsmouth's music scene. Produced by 2nd Year BSc Television & Broadcasting students and 2nd Year BSc Entertainment Technology for the taught unit CT5LIV, with Nigel Grundy, PME curator, talking about the Portsmouth Music Experience exhibition and musician Dave Allen talking about the local music scene.

Notice from the 1960s, prohibiting photography at Guildhall concerts. Photography, filming and recording is still prohibited; anyone caught doing so will have their equipment taken off them.

Current exhibition Exhibition diary

Portsmouth band Emptifish on stage at the Harlequin.

Pompey Punks

New display  and film about the Punk scene in Portsmouth - opened November 2016.

Cool Days Groovy Nights DVD Cool Days, Groovy Nights DVD

New DVD about the 1960s Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Experience